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Yes, It is possible to Heal Naturally…Keep Reading to find out How

Healing happens when the underlying root cause of the “dis-ease” is addressed.

Working with me is about transformation on a deep level. Imbalance and dis-ease are multifactorial, no two people have a similar issue for the same reasons. Therefore I am not treating a dis-ease but I am treating You, unique, one of a kind, complex, beautiful You.

Together we explore your life,  Your story, I consider Everything.

Everything in your life has an impact, eating, sleeping, exercise, medication, family situation, work environment, relationship to yourself and others traumatizing experiences, fears, health history, stress level, aspirations, state of mind. All of it is interconnected and weaves who you are, the good stuff as well as the “ I could do without this” stuff, the imbalance that has you reading this page.

I strongly believe that you already have all you need to heal.  I am  here to provide you the tools, knowledge, compassion and faith to get the ball rolling. Together we awaken your body’s innate wisdom give her what she needs to gently guide her in the right direction creating long term results, balance and vitality.

We are a right fit if you:

  •  Have a health problem that you are tired of dragging around, feeling overwhelmed but ready for change.
  • You have a collection of discomforts but the doctors tells you all is normal it’s in your head
  • Fed up of temporarily masking symptoms and want long term results
  • Drowning in the sea of controversial information on the “natural scene” and want to cut through the hype and fluff and hone in on what actually works.
  • Cut through the medical lingo and truly understand in a comprehensive way what is going on in your body
  • Ready to take responsibility and become an active participant in your healing journey.

You will get

  • Tailored “just for you” health suggestions including herbal recommendations, healing nutrition, lifestyle tweaks and soul tending
  • A clear step by step action plan leaving you clear on exactly what to focus on daily.
  • The exact resources for your individual needs cheat sheets, recipes, where to buy herbs, recommended reading.  So you have all you need to take your health to the next level
  • An understanding of your unique personal needs for healing as well as prevention.
  • Individual and dedicated support, compassion and accountability

How it works:

  •  Once you have submitted your payment, you will receive a short questionnaire where you will share your top health priorities/concerns and your intentions for our time together.
  • We’ll schedule a  “need a name” 90 minute session. Phone/Skype or in person if you are in the Montreal and South Shore area
  • Following the “need a name” session you will receive your “Roots of Health” action plan, recommendations and resources by email. Allow 2-5 business days.
  • To make sure all is crystal clear we will meet 15-20 minutes on the phone, to go over the suggestions and I will answer any remaining questions.

Book your session by clicking  on the  “Book my need a name ” button below. Choose the package that meets your needs.

I will process the payment and you will receive a short questionnaire.

After I receive your questionnaire we will schedule your “need a name” consultation.

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